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A: We promise 12 hours during working days and 24 hours during holidays.
A: We are located in Suzhou city, 10km away to Bafang electric co. and 60Km away to downtown of Shanghai (20 minutes by fast train).
A: The kit is designed to transform your standard bicycle(manual pedal power) to an electric-powered by a motor and battery pack. 
A: The conversion was designed to fit 90% of the bicycles, and you can check your bicycle fork(the two metal pieces that attach the wheel to the bicycle) to be sure. You will need at least 100mm for front wheel and 135mm for rear wheel.
This varies depending on usage, your specification will affect the your battery performance and life. And mostly of the battery have a cycle life of more than 700 charges.
A: There are two kinds of modes available, throttle controller and pedal assist.
Throttle controller means you use a throttle to control power and speed. To get started, simply twist the throttle to accelerate and hold it to maintain speed.
Pedal assist means once you start pedaling, a torque sensor picks up your movement and power integrates seamlessly while you ride. Just pedal and go. Once you use the brakes or quit pedaling, the power is deactivated and you need to pedal again (lightly) to re-activate pedal assistance.
A. The battery can be charged after every ride. We do recommend that every 20th charge that you run the battery flat and give it a full charge.
A: Store in cool dry place, you should fully charge your battery before storing it.
A: Pedal while the motor is on, start the motor after the bike is moving, use the motor mainly to climb hills, and don’t use the motor while you are going downhill.
A: Yes. You can ride our electric bikes in the light rain without worrying about damaging the electric components.
A: Yes. The choice is yours - battery power, pedal power or a combination of both.
A: For the ebike conversion kit the MOQ is 20PCS.
   And for the electric bicycle the MOQ is 30PCS.
A: Production time is from 15 to 40days. Depending on the quantity and model.
 Q:  Could I take samples to test quality and market in advance?
A:   Yes, welcome to take samples to test our quality and service.
A:   Considering sample quantity is not big, we support ship samples by DHL/FedEx, fast and  less damages
 Q:   Why don't you ship samples by sea? we are informed shipping by sea is cheaper than by air.
A:   As sample quantity is not big, and customer want to delivery it by sea, it must be LCL shipping( less than container loading ), generally LCL shipping freight is very low, or it could be ZERO, BUT in destination port, nearly ALL countries charge very high port fees,especially European countries, it might be  expensive than by air,so for sample we choose express.
A: Motor: 3 year
   Charger: 1 year
   Controller: 1 year
   Battery: 18 months

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